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Rockmite 40

This is an original Small Wonder Labs 40 meter Rockmite qrp cw transceiver. This is a “stock” radio with 2N2222A final. Included is the American […]

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Field Report July 2021

The family vacation in July provided the opportunity for some portable QRP field operation. This outing made for a lot of "firsts."

First time getting on HF in many years. First CW qso in even more years. First time putting my FT-818 on the air. First time participating in POTA and SOTA.

Originally I had hoped to activate Calaveras Big Trees State Park K-1134 for POTA. But with all the other firsts going on and the effort invested in learning how to setup and operate the portable station, tearing it all down to setup it up again with less supporting infrastructure was more than I was in the mood for. So I just left the EFHW where it was, strung up between the deck and the trees and was content to operate from the comfort of the cabin.

Overall I made five QSOs, which may not sound like much, but I consider it an unqualified success, given I haven't even been active on HF for ages.

Here is the log:

W7ZDX 20m CW First C…
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Usedradiomall Is Back!

After a several year hiatus I've brought back to the interwebs. It's different this time!

Yes, I'm still using the "Classified Ad" presentation format, however, gone is the scheme where the site was simply a curated list of ebay partner network linked items. The ebay partner network thing made a little money, but less and less as ebay changed the program to payout less. The money was not reliable, and worse, the "curated list" of affiliate links didn't really add anything of value to the radio community.

The new Usedradiomall is simply a place for me to list my excess radio equipment for sale directly to the public. Selling on ebay is a hassle and expensive, so I just decided to list this stuff myself.

If the website proves useful then I intend to invite other radio enthusiasts I know to list their excess radio "stuff" if they want. At the moment I don't have any plans to open it to the general public. Usedradiomall is not a…

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