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AEA Morse Machine MM-3

AEA Morse Machine MM-3

This is the classic CW memory keyer, trainer, and beacon from Advanced Electronic Applications. Check the pictures for all the software and interface options.

A notable feature of the trainer mode is the QSO simulator where “stations” will call CQ or respond to your call and engage in a basic amateur CW exchange. Pretty advanced for 1989 microprocessor tech!

This unit is in very good condition inside and out. Not surprisingly, the internal battery for maintaining the settings while powered off had gone flat after 30 years. I removed the battery, which was soldered to the board, and replaced it with a coin cell holder so future battery changes can be done easily. See the internal photo on the lower right for this mod.

The 9 to 16 V power supply and paddles are NOT included. Shipping $10 to US addresses only.