ICOM 2-way handheld radios with antennas and desk charger. The H-16 can be programmed on MURS or 2M amateur frequencies and the U-16 can do GMRS or 70cm. Bundle includes;

* 1 – H-16 vhf 16 channel transceiver
* 1 – U-16 uhf 16 channel transceiver
* 2 – BP-8 NiCd battery packs
* 1 – CM-35 desktop battery charger
* 1 – VHF “rubber ducky” antenna ( FA-155T)
* 1 – UHF I “rubber ducky” antenna

Please Note: the battery packs are essentially shot. Markings indicate they were new in 1995. One battery will take a charge but I don’t know its capacity. The other will not take a charge at all and doesn’t power the radio. You can have the battery packs re-built or you can find replacements fairly inexpensive.

$20 shipping to U.S. addresses.