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The ICOM IC-735 is a compact HF transceiver covering amateur bands 160 through 10 meters. Power output is 100W and the receiver is a general coverage from 100khz to 30Mhz triple conversion superhet that features notch and variable passband filters as well as preamp/attenuator on the front end.

Frequency control is accomplished through two PLL synthesized VFOs, 12 memories, VFO A=B, Split tuning, and RIT. The display is a clean LCD  that show frequency to 100Hz, VFO selection, memory, mode, and whether split/RIT is in operation.

The ICOM 735 is a popular, if somewhat vintage rig. ICOM discontinued this model in 1991, so even the latest serial numbers are over 20 years old.

ICOM IC-735 Front Panel

The radio gets good marks in terms of basic performance, better on SSB than CW. This is a rig you’d see in the “average” ham shack but, even back during it’s production run, this is not a radio you would find on desk of a top “big gun” DXer.

The controls are simple and, for the most part,  easy to use, making it a good radio for casual operating. The slider controls to the left of the main tuning knob are for mic gain, CW filter, Notch filter, etc. These sliders are pretty small and thus tend to be set and left where they are. Again, this is okay for the casual rag-chewer but makes the rig some what awkward to use if you’re riding the controls trying to pull in a weak one.

The radio takes 13.8V at 20A for full 100W output and the antenna connection is through a rear panel mounted SO-239. Dimensions are 9.5 x 3.7 x 9.4 inches 11 lbs. (241x94x239mm 5kg).

ICOM IC-735 Rear Panel

The rig is pretty common on the used market, and not really collectible so don’t pay too much for one. How much is too much? For the rig alone, You should be able to find one between $200 and $300.

One of the common cosmetic issues with this rig is that the little plastic cover over the slider controls wasn’t engineered particularly well and is often broken or missing altogether.


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